Dear BelTox members,

You are invited to an online General Assembly to approve the newly composed Steering Committee and the Management Board of BelTox for the next three years.
According to the statutes of the society, your approval is necessary for the legal certification of this new Steering Committee.

To do so, please submit the form below where you can approve or not and/or send us your comments before the 10th of December:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Miranda Cornet


Members of the new Steering Committee of BelTox

Jana Asselman (UGent)
Monica Autiero (ToxMinds)
Sonja Beken (FAGG-AFMPS)
Miranda Cornet (UCB)
Arno Gutleb (LIST)
Jacques de Gerlache (ex-Solvay, Greenfacts)
Joery De Kock (VUB)
Peter Hoet (KULeuven)
François Huaux (LTAP, UCLouvain)
Dominique Lison (LTAP, UCLouvain)
Mark Martens (ex-J&J, consultant)
Ruth Moeller (LIST)
Willem Penning (ex-EU Commission)
Frédéric Silvestre (UNamur)
Francesca Tencalla (ToxMinds)
Steven Van Cruchten (UAntwerpen)
Erik Van Miert (Solvay)
Philippe Vanparys (ex-J&J)
Mieke Van Mulders (Sciensano)
An Van Rompay (Penman)
Steven Verberckmoes (Umicore)
Henk Vrijhof (ex-ECETOC)

Management board of BelTox

President : Francesca Tencalla
Vice-President : Dominique Lison
Secretary : Mark Martens
Treasurer : Miranda Cornet

We are looking forward to receiving your reactions before the deadline of December, 10th.