You can become a BelTox member for the amount of 60€ (ex. VAT) or 75€ for members residing outside the EU.

A BelTox membership is annual, from January until December.

Nevertheless it is possible to become a member during the year.

BelTox membership includes:

– Members of BelTox are granted substantial reductions of subscription fees for scientific meetings, courses and workshops organized by BelTox.

–   Online access to the members-only pages on the BelTox website, which contains information on our society, our sponsors, upcoming and past BelTox events such as scientific meetings, courses and workshops and international meetings on toxicology,

–   Participation in the BelTox General Assembly,

–   Participation in the election of Steering Committee members every 3 years,

–   Becoming a member of the Steering Committee and help to determine the course of the Society,

–   Automatic membership of the European Society of Toxicology (EUROTOX) with reductions for EUROTOX events,

–   Receiving the BelTox newsletter,

–   Receiving information on vacancies for toxicology positions,

–   Receiving information on international events in toxicology,

–   Helping in the development of young scientists (e.g. Young Scientist Competition)

–   The possibility of seeking advice from peers on toxicology questions and presenting own work via the Beltox website and social media

–   Networking opportunities during BelTox events

Important Information:

For professionals:

After online payment, professionals will receive a confirmation of their membership of BelTox and access to the pages reserved for members of the BelTox website. Professionals will receive an invoice.

For PhD students:

PhD students need to register as professionals.

For Masters students:

Masters students can become a member for free but have to register. They will receive a confirmation of membership of BelTox and access to the members-only pages of the BelTox website.

Registration procedure for NEW registrants:

Your password will be emailed to you automatically.

Login with your account.

Only available when logged in.

Membership renewal:

In the beginning of the year of membership you will automatically receive an email reminding you of your membership renewal.

To do this, use your account by logging into the BelTox website and request your membership by clicking on this button (only available when you are logged in):