BelTox is the Belgian Society member of EUROTOX, the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology.

The organizational structure of BelTox is composed of the :

Management Board

The BelTox Management Board is responsible for the daily functioning of the Society. The BelTox Management Board is composed of:

The president,

The vice-president,

The secretary,

The treasurer.

The management board is supported by a permanent secretariat and working groups on training, communication, sponsoring, and annual meetings.

Steering Committee

The BelTox Steering Committee is the advisory body of the Society and meets four times per year.

It elects the members of the Management Board, and takes decisions concerning the daily management of the Society, proposes and approves the scientific programs and participates in the organization of the various events set up by BelTox.

It is composed of at least 10 BelTox members who are elected every three years by the General Assembly.

The Steering Committee is representative of all parties involved in toxicological and environmental sciences in Belgium.

General Assembly

The General Assembly of BelTox is composed of the BelTox members and meets once a year on the occasion of the annual scientific meeting for the approval of the annual report.

It is consulted via the website once a year for the approval of the financial balance sheet of the past fiscal year and the budget of the current year.

The General Assembly elects every three years the members of the BelTox Steering Committee.