BelTox webinar on stem cell-based tools applied in vitro toxicology _ 16 December 2021 at 12AM

This webinar on stem cell-based tools applied in in vitro toxicology is organized by BelTox in collaboration with the department of in vitro toxicology and cosmetology of the VUB, Brussels.

The first presentation will be on the topic of “Stem cell-based in vitro models: state-of-the-art tools to predict drug-induced tissue injury in humans” by Prof. Dr. Joery De Kock.

The second presentation will be “Programming human somatic cells into hepatocytes for applications in toxicology” by MPharm. Matthias Rombaut.

This webinar will start at 12.00 h on 16 December 2021 and will take approximately 2 hours including introduction and Q&A. Logging in will be possible 15 minutes in advance of the start of the webinar.

Abstract presentation Joery De Kock

Short CV Joery De Kock

Abstract presentation Matthias Rombaut

Short CV Matthias Rombaut


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