A membership of Beltox offers you multiple advantages:

  • Reduced rates for participation in all BelTox, EUROTOX and SETAC events (annual meeting, workshops, courses)
  • Online access to the members-only pages on the Beltox website, which contains a large collection of information and knowledge in various fields
  • Annual Meeting
  • Participate to the BelTox General Assembly
  • Participate to the election of the Steering Committee
  • Become a member of the Steering Committee and help to determine the course of the Society
  • Automatic membership of the European Society of Toxicology (EUROTOX)
  • Free subscription to the BelTox newsletter
  • Receive information on vacancies for toxicologists
  • Help in the development of young scientists
  • Seek advice from peers on toxicology questions via the contact page
  • Networking opportunities
  • … and so much more !

Registration procedure for NEW registrants:

  1. Request an account (your password will be emailed to you automatically)
  2. Login with your account
  3. Request membership (only available when logged in). PhD students need to register for standard membership.
  4. Upon completion professionals will receive an invoice and once paid they will receive confirmation of membership and granted access to the members-only pages of the BelTox website.
  5. Master students will receive confirmation and granted access to the members-only pages of the BelTox website without receiving an invoice.

Membership renewal:

In the beginning of the year of membership you will automatically receive an email reminding you of your membership renewal. This is done by using your account login to the BelTox website and request your membership by following this link (only available when logged in).