Invitation to the Annual Meeting

Dear Colleague or BelTox Member,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 25th anniversary scientific meeting of the Belgian Society for Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (BelTox), to be held on Thursday 4th December, 2014 at the Thomas More Campus (KH Leuven) in Geel, Belgium. This year, the BelTox Steering Committee decided to devote the main part of the meeting to the safety assessment of foods. The title of the meeting is "Food Safety: Toxicology from Farm to Fork", with topics that are of current interest. A first outline of the programme is attached to this letter. As every year a competition for young scientists will be organised with a session of oral presentations and a poster session. The young scientist competition will cover every aspect of toxicology and ecotoxicology research and will not be restricted to the topic of this meeting. At the end of the morning programme, a General Assembly will be held for BelTox members where the new Management Board and Steering Committee will have to be approved for the next three years.

Participation in the annual scientific meeting is open to all interested parties and subscription will automatically make you a BelTox member for the following year. If you are interested to come to this meeting you are kindly asked to complete the online registration form at the BelTox pages of the joint BelTox/BEMS website The registration fee is 60 € for professionals, 30 € for PhD students and 15 € for Master students. Only professionals and PhD students will automatically become BelTox member for the following year when registering.
To apply for the Young Scientists Competition, PhD students should send in an abstract of their research subject. The deadline for submitting the abstracts for this competition has been extended to November 10th! Instructions for the writing of the abstract can be found on the BelTox website . A jury will evaluate the abstracts and select 4 for oral 10 minute presentations during the meeting while the other accepted scientific communications can be displayed as posters. All authors will be informed of the decision of the jury about 3 weeks in advance of the meeting. A jury led by Prof. Dominique Lison (UCL) will select the two best presentations and two best posters which will receive a money award by the end of the meeting. The occasion is also offered to scientists and to sponsors to present posters out of competition.

On behalf of the BelTox Steering Committee and the Annual Meeting Organising Committee, I look forward to your registration and participation to make this 25th anniversary meeting a successful event.

Best regards,
Mark Martens
President of BelTox