In October of 2010 we had our 2nd Advanced Toxicology Course which took place at the “Provinciehuis” in Leuven. 27 participants form authorities (SPF, WIV, FOD, EFSA), private industry (CEFIC, Capelle pigments, Agfa, Philip Morris, Proctor & Gamble, Dupont, Omnichem,…), universities (VUB, Helsinki University) and various consulting companies attended the course and actively participated in the exercise. As in 2009 the course concentrated on the design, conduct and interpretation of repeated dose toxicology studies. The several components in the conduct of a toxicology study such as the analysis of clinical signs, toxicokinetics, hematology, serum biochemistry, necropsy and histopathology and the integration of all the data obtained were explained in detail.

This time the practical exercise was not tuned into the detailed analysis of a number of toxicology studies but focused more on the strategy on how to select a DNEL or DMEL from a complete toxicology database such as that of vinyl chloride. Contributors to the course were Marie-Louise Meisters (Dupont), Koen Van Deun (Reflector), Peter Hoet (KUL), Sandra De Jonghe (J&J), Dominique Lison (UCL), Jacques de Gerlache (Solvay) and Mark Martens (MMTA), all toxicology experts with a long record of experience in academia, industry and safety consulting. The course organizers were Peter Hoet and Koen Van Deun. It is the intention of the BelTox Steering Committee to organize in 2011 and advanced course in toxicology but this time focused on reproductive and developmental toxicology.

Advanced course 2010_program