At the request of the European Council of Federations of the Chemical Industry (CEFIC), BelTox organized on September 4th 2012 an in-house basic course on (eco)toxicology and health and environmental risk assessment for its members only at the CEFIC premises in Brussels. The lecturers were Marie-Noelle Blaude, Dominique Lison, Tim Nawrot, Francesca Tencalla, Peter Hoet and Mark Martens. The course went well and at the end there was a lively discussion on issues such as endocrine disruption, low dose toxicity and nanomaterials health assessment. The overall opinion of the participants on the quality and the content of the workshop was very positive. The majority of the participants recognized that a better understanding of the concepts of risk assessment, the difference between hazard and risk, the application of assessment factors, and the several steps in risk the assessment process will help them in their work and in their communication with their different stakeholders.