The course took place in the Scientific Institute of Public Health in Brussels on June 22, 2015. The final program consisted of a morning session with presentations on the endocrine system, endocrine disruption, testing methods and strategies and regulatory aspects of endocrine disruptors. In the afternoon session cases of endocrine disruption with DEHP as an example were discussed. 19 CEFIC delegates and representatives from chemical industry attended the course. The course went very well and the evaluation was very positive and met the expectations of most participants. The participants would welcome similar courses on different topics in toxicology and ecotoxicology. Care was taken that there was no overlap between presentations and that all aspects of the evaluation of endocrine disruption of chemicals were covered. The participants appreciated the good quality of the speakers and enjoyed the exercise in the afternoon which allowed them to “feel” how the interpretation of study results works in practice and ask questions to check their understanding.

CEFIC course 2015_program