On May 13th, 2009 BelTox organized its first Advanced Toxicology Course at the Elewijt conference center. The course took the whole day and was composed of 4 parts: An overview of toxicity testing in the context of different legislative frameworks, detailed presentations on the principal components of repeat dose toxicology studies (toxicokinetics, clinical observations, haematology, serum biochemistry necropsy and histopathology), integration of toxicology data and discussion of the relevance of observed effects to man.

The last part consisted of a “real world” exercise where the participants were invited to analyse all pertinent data of two repeat dose studies carried out on the same chemical substance in rat and in dog. To this effect all 40 participants were subdivided in 8 working groups which were supported by a coach. After analysis of the data the groups were asked to report on their work and formulate answers to the questions asked. All participants were very much engaged in this exercise and came up with a lot of good answers. After the presentations of the groups an overview was given of the interpretation of the data given by the authors of the toxicology studies provided.

Contributions to the toxicology course came from academia (Prof . Lison), toxicology consulting (Drs Van Deun and Tencalla) and industry (Drs Meisters, Smyej, De Jonghe and Martens). The feedback obtained after the course was very positive. All participants felt that they had learned a lot.

Advanced course 2009_program