For the 5th time, BelTox organized its Introductory Course on Toxicology and Ecotoxicology on May 11th. A small but attentive audience of 16 participants attended this course. They were coming from authorities (37%), industry (31%), national or international trade associations (19%) and other organisations (13%).

An overview was given by the lecturers of the basic principles of toxicology, epidemiology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment and health and environmental risk assessment. The last session of the course was dedicated to the new international hazard classification and labeling system and risk communication. An effort was made to make the course materials understandable to all mostly non-expert participants and that was greatly appreciated. Also the opportunity to interact with the lectures at all times during the course and especially during lunch time proved to be useful to clarify parts of the course and to provide answers to specific questions from the attendants.

From the surveys, completed by the majority of participants (13/16), it appears that all of them recognized the excellent quality of the meeting (rate 4 or 5 on a scale of 5). The training content met the expectations of 85% of the participants and most of them (77%) estimated that the content of the training was useful to their work.

When asked how we could improve the training, interesting suggestions were made such as to add an example that could be used as a thread throughout the training. Another participant also asked to add more practical examples if time allowed. Somebody suggested to add a short section on regulatory framework for animal testing, somebody else to add environmental aspects like emissions, acid rains, … but recognized that it went maybe beyond ecotoxicology. Like last year, somebody also asked  for a list of participants but the decision of the steering committee is not to distribute such a list.

Contributors to this course were Prof. Lison (UCL), Prof. Hoet (KUL), Prof. Nawrot (Hasselt University and KUL), Dr Van Deun (Consultant), Dr Janssen (FAGG-AFMPS), Dr Martens (Consultant), Dr Tencalla (consultant), Dr de Gerlache (Solvay) and Dr Blaude (WIV-ISP).

Intro (eco)tox course 2011_program