One day course for professionals who have no specific background in this expert field but who have to deal with information that is related to human health and environmental risk management of chemicals.

This one-day course, organized for the 4th time, was attended by 41 participants coming from industry (46%), European federations (20%), authorities (12%), institutions (12%) or others (10%). The global overview of the many aspects of toxicology, even understandable for non-experts, was greatly appreciated. Two thirds of the participants declared to be interested in a more detailed course.

The course consisted of a general introduction, cases involving toxic substances, epidemiology, health hazard assessment, health risk assessment, environmental hazard assessment, environmental risk assessment, classification and labeling and risk communication.

The experts contributing to this course were coming from academia (Prof. Lison, Prof. Hoet and Prof. Nawrot), toxicology consulting (Dr Van Deun, Dr Martens and Dr Tencalla), industry (Dr de Gerlache) and the Scientific Institute of Public Health (Dr Blaude).
We leave the last word about the negative feedback to one of the participants: “Even after hurting my brain… I cannot find a negative comment for this course.”

Intro (eco)tox course 2010_program