Dear BelTox member,

As usual, the yearly BelTox General Assembly takes place at the occasion of the Annual Scientific Meeting at the end of the year where you are informed about the activities of the past year and the provisional financial overview.

However, in order to comply with Belgian legislation on non-profit organizations, the final balance sheet of 2015 and the budget of 2016 need to be approved by another General Assembly meeting which should take place before June 2016. Since the BelTox statutes allow us to organize a General Assembly via internet you are kindly invited to mark your approval via our website.

To do so, please submit the form below where you can approve or not and/or send us your comments before May 31st on the following topics:

1_BelTox balance sheet 2015
2_BelTox budget 2016

The legal statutes of our Society require that as many members as possible participate in this vote. It is therefore important that we receive as much feedback as possible!

Once the balance sheet and the budget have been approved by BelTox membership our accountant office will then be able to deposit these documents at the registry of commercial courts of Brussels before end of June.

We are looking forward to receiving your reactions before the deadline of May 31st.
The BelTox Steering Committee

BelTox General Assembly 2016-voting form

online voting form
  • The undersigned member of BelTox uses this electronic form to cast his/her vote on the 2 points presented to the BelTox General Assembly 2016.
    I approve/disapprove of the BelTox balance sheet 2015
    I approve/disapprove of the BelTox budget 2016
  • We value your opinion. If you have any comments, please enter them here.