19-22/10/2011, Primošten, Croatia, International Mycology and Mycotoxicology Symposium

The Croatian Microbiology Society is organizing an International Mycology and Mycotoxicology Symposium to take place in Primošten, Croatia from 19 to 22, October 2011. The symposium will cover current topics in mycology and mycotoxicology with the aim to bring together scientists from many different disciplines, including applied and clinical mycology and mycotoxicology.
For more information, go to www.hmd-cms.hr.

The effects of organochlorine pesticides such as endosulfan, on growth, locomotion and feeding behaviour of Xenopus laevis tadpoles: a link with neurotoxicity biomarkers.


Valérie Preud’homme

Impact of pesticides used in agriculture on water quality and fish species in Alibori River (north Benin, West-Africa)


Prudencio Agbohessi

Mechanisms of action of toxicants on aquatic animals. Does expression proteomics reveal general stress response or specific mechanisms?

CV also enclosed

Multi-biomarker approach for the assessment of ecotoxicological status of European water bodies


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